Elegance, audacity, dream.
Demanding objects filled with sensitivity. Artisans with precious know-how.

Eco-responsibility at the heart of the development of objects. Alabaster, brass, wood, sustainable materials.

The Designer

With AME EDITIONS MANUFACTUREES and through the creation of everyday objects, Julie Schouvey creates a universe that questions as much as it soothes. A space that she subtly questions through her research on the themes of balance, asymmetry, harmony and dissonance between volumes, materials, colors, plays of contrasts and textures, time and spatiality, paradoxes.
The objects are not just meant to be decorative, Comfortable and warm, they integrate into the architectural space of a place by adding a subtle distortion that invites reflection.

Ame Editions Manufacturées presents editions of lighting, furniture and decorative objects. Particular attention is paid to durable and noble materials to manufacture responsible objects, made by French or European artisans with sought-after know-how.

Awakened since childhood to the beauty of nature and an art of living. Inspired by art, fashion, design and architecture, graphics, exoticism and Provence, the land of her childhood, she cultivates her curiosity.

For years, in the world of fashion and design, she created textiles and embroidery for Christian Lacroix Haute Couture, and developed her own brand Julie Schouvey, Histoires Tactiles for designer women's ready-to-wear and then jewelry. She will then work for independent cinema, then design brands like Specimen Editions or on various projects for high jewelry and luxury houses like Miroir Brot where she will be keen to defend heritage and know-how.

Passionate about the creation and development of projects, she decides to bring design collections to life: a style and objects are built, encounters are woven.
The search for timeless, comforting and comfortable beauty, which creates stories and gives meaning. A relentless quest to find the artisans who will give birth to demanding objects filled with sensitivity
Why Ame Editions Manufacturées?

“Why create an object? Is this object worth designing? Is it useful, beautiful, necessary, essential?
The soul is the essence of a thing, what remains outside of all materiality
I would like my objects to embody this essence, to represent the poetic gesture, the philosophical thought, the ingenuity of the creative act mingling with the technical and sensitive manual gestures of the artisans.
May they be passed down through time and memories.” J.S.